Maisie Williams Sophie Turner
Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Dare we say this is one of best Face Swaps yet?

When a fan asked Maisie Williams to post a selfie on Twitter Thursday, the Game of Thrones star gave her way more than she bargained for, replying with an epic snap of herself and bestie/co-star Sophie Turner face swapping on Snapchat.

As if they're looking at a sea of white walkers, the on-screen Stark sisters give their best terrified faces in the shot, with Williams's face on Turner's body and vice versa. When the photo surfaced, GoT fans went wild, with tweeters calling the duo "legends" and throwing up memes to capture their sheer delight over the snap (which is hard to stop looking at).

This is just the latest time Turner and Williams have pulled off an unforgettable stunt together. The duo, who has developed a close friendship while starring on the HBO show, recently got matching tattoos, inking "07.08.09" on their arms to commemorate the date they both landed their roles as Arya (Williams) and Sansa (Turner) Stark.