Keira Knightly

While the full short reunion film isn't set to be released until Red Nose Day, the full trailer for it dropped Thursday, with fictional prime minister Hugh Grant setting the tone in the first scenes of it with his voiceover from the beginning of the 2003 flick flowing in.

"Seems to me that love is everywhere," he can be heard saying. "Often it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there." As scenes flash in from the original film, the clip quickly advances to where the beloved characters are 14 years later, with Stevie Wonder's "For Once in My Life" providing a sentimental backdrop.

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Aside from a dancing Colin Firth (Jamie) tumbling down a flight of stairs, and Andrew Lincoln (Mark) popping up at Keira Knightley's (Juliet) doorstep, returning cast members Liam Neeson (Daniel), Bill Nighy (Billy Mack), and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Peter) all make an appearances as well.

Laura Linney—who is exclusive to the NBC version, according to Entertainment Weekly—is in it too.

Love Actually Reunion airs May 25 on NBC. Originally, the trailer was supposed to debut on Red Nose Day, but you can watch it here right now.