Lori Loughlin reported to prison today.

By Christopher Luu
Oct 30, 2020 @ 6:36 pm

Earlier today, news broke that Lori Loughlin reported to the Federal Correctional Institution (a low-security prison for female inmates) in Dublin, California, to begin her two-month prison sentence. Now, E! News reports that her daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose, are "very distraught" that their mother is actually serving time and that the upcoming holiday season will be "very different."

"The girls were there saying their goodbyes before Lori headed off. It was a big moment for their family and everyone was very upset. Although the girls knew it was coming and have had time to prepare, it's still devastating to see their mom go," a source said. "Both Olivia and Bella are very distraught over it. They are grateful it is for only two months but are anxious knowing they will have a very different and hard holiday season this year."

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The girls weren't the only ones who were upset about Loughlin's early arrival — she was originally expected to start her sentence on November 19 — E! notes that Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli were understandably upset as well.

"Lori was upset but is putting on a brave face for the family. She's trying to be strong. She's ready to get in and out and close the door on this chapter," an additional source added. "She said goodbye to Mossimo and was accompanied by her lawyer to prison. She was very nervous, but she wanted to go first and get it over with. It's been hanging over her head for so long. She is hopeful that she can be home for the holidays and put this behind her."