Lizzo Just Wore One of Kim Kardashian's Balenciaga Looks

Two icons swapping style tips.

Photo: Getty Images

Whether she's publicly thirsting over Chris Evans or nailing buzz-worthy red carpet looks, Lizzo has proved time and time again that she's perfectly fine with being unapologetically herself. But that doesn't mean one icon can't take a few pointers from another every now and then — which is exactly what the singer did when promoting her single, "About Damn Time," in the most Lizzo way possible.

On Wednesday, Lizzo posted a clip on Instagram of her performing the viral TikTok dance that helped blow up her song earlier this summer. Captioned, "I'm a ridiculous human ... just stream 'About Damn Time' and don't ask any questions," the video showed her wearing a bright yellow skin-tight catsuit made entirely out of Balenciaga-print caution tape.

If the outfit looks familiar, it's because the suit was originally modeled by Kim Kardashian during the fashion house's Winter 2022 show in Paris back in March. While Kim originally styled the outfit with a matching handbag, black sunglasses, and a slicked-back wet hair look, Lizzo opted to skip accessories and rock natural curls with bangs.

The singer's post seems to be a behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot for Elle U.K.'s September cover, which was released on Wednesday. Aside from the Balenciaga catsuit, Lizzo wore a stunning blue cut-out popcorn halter dress with matching opera gloves and a glitzy orange jumpsuit with bedazzled tassels and sheer paneling for the shoot while opening up about her life, career, and relationship with social media.

"I don't need social media, social media needs me," she shared. "Social media literally needs people to function. I don't need to go on the internet and feel better about stuff anymore. I have a therapist. I have best friends. I have an amazing team around me who I can talk to. I got love."

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