Lizzo Drunk DM'd Chris Evans and He Had the Best Response

Who among us has not drunk messaged Chris Evans?

UPDATE APRIL 27, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.: Lizzo has given us an update in the Chris Evans DM saga. Over the weekend, the "Truth Hurts" singer posted another TikTok with a message from a fan asking "Lizzo how are things with Chris Evans going keep us updated bestie."

Lizzo then shared a split-second glimpse at her DMs with the Knives Out star. She followed that with "Let's see what your pause game is like ..." We put ours to the test so you wouldn't have to.

Lizzo and Chris Evans DMs

Lizzo responded to his DM saying, "Well.. they say u miss 100% of the shot you never take (and even tho I unsent it like a dork) I'm glad u know I exist now" The actor responded with a sweet message that read, "Of course I do! I'm a fan! Keep up the great work!! xxx" The conversation continues with two other messages that are unfortunately covered, but whatever Lizzo said, we're sure it was funny.


A DM exchange between Lizzo and Chris Evans is going viral.

Over the weekend, the "Good As Hell," singer took to TikTok to chronicle her flirty Instagram DM exchange with Knives Out star, Chris Evans. Initially, she posted her original message to Evans, which consisted of the gust of wind, woman playing basketball, and basketball emojis. Fans pointed out that she was shooting her shot.

"Don't drink and DM, kids.... for legal porpoises this is a joke," she captioned her first video, which is dubbed to TikTok audio by Tatayanna Mitchell.

On Sunday night, Lizzo posted to TikTok again to share that the Avengers: End Game star did, in fact, respond to her DM.

"No shame in a drunk DM [face blowing a kiss emoji] god knows I've done worse on this app lol [facepalm emoji]," he wrote. In the video, Lizzo is noticeably excited (who could blame her?) His statement seems to be in reference to his big, uh, social media mishap from September 2020. She simply captioned her second post "BITCH."

Lizzo is the true superhero in this situation. And it's not even the first time she's expressed her love for actor on social media. In 2019, after Evans retweeted one of Lizzo's tweets, she responded, "Wow marry me."

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