HarperCollins claims she breached her book deal.

By Christopher Luu
Sep 10, 2020 @ 8:46 pm

Lindsay Lohan is in legal hot water, according to Entertainment Tonight. Back in 2014, the actor signed a contract with publishing giant HarperCollins and court documents state that she failed to provide a promised manuscript. HarperCollins is suing Lohan for $365,000.

The publishing company claims that the $365,000 was an advance and that it never received the promised book from Lohan.

Lohan was offered an extension after she failed to meet her first deadline, ET adds, and HarperCollins claims they it was in contact with Lohan's team, letting the actor know that her contract would be terminated and that HarperCollins would demand the advance back in full.

Lindsay Lohan
Credit: Sam Tabone / Contributor

"By failing to return the money to the Plaintiff upon the Defendants’ breach of the agreement, the Defendants have received a windfall and have been unjustly enriched," the filing states. In addition to the advance, HarperCollins is seeking legal fees and court costs.

Lohan was reportedly offered $1 million to write her memoir in March 2014. Editors were under the presumption that Lohan would base her work on a diary that she kept during her time in rehab, but her manuscript never materialized. The contract came after Lohan's reality series, Lindsay, aired on OWN. It documented her struggles with sobriety and attempts to get her acting career back on track.

"It's more or less an autobiography, but she had a minimal number of sample pages," a source told Page Six at the time. The paper adds that Lohan had initially asked for $5 million, but publishers feared that she wouldn't come through and finish the project.

"There was initial interest, but everybody backed off. There was concern she wouldn't deliver," the source continued.