Lindsay Lohan and Rupert Grint Are Headed to Your TV Screen—Together

Rupert Grint may be accustomed to sharing the Harry Potter spotlight with Emma Watson, but the 28-year-old actor is now gearing up work with a different leading lady (and fellow redhead): Lindsay Lohan.

According to Deadline, Grint and Lohan have officially joined the second season of Sky 1’s Sick Note, currently in production. While the first season is set to premiere this fall, it’s Season 2 that’ll give us fresh new must-see Lindsay moments.

So what’s expected to go down? Grint reportedly portrays Daniel Glass, a compulsive liar who’s incorrectly diagnosed with a terminal illness by his doctor Ian Glennis, portrayed by English actor Nick Frost. Glennis then tries to convince Glass to remain quiet about the mishap after it comes to light. Basically, it sounds like one big juicy mess of a plotline—which is where Lohan comes in.

She’ll star as Katerina West, the daughter of Glass's boss, whom Don Johnson will portray. While it’s been 13 years since we watched Lohan take on the now truly iconic role of Cady Heron in Mean Girls, the actress is experiencing a mini-comeback. In addition to Sick Note, she’s also set to host and star in a new reality TV show called The Anti-Social Network, in which she basically hijacks people’s social media accounts.

We’re here for you, Lindsay. And we can't wait to see her on the small screen.

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