The actress appeared on The Tonight Show in a glittering sheer suit and set the record straight.

Netflix broke the internet last month when the streaming service’s Twitter account declared that we’ve been pronouncing the name of our latest binge-watch completely wrong.

“Friendly reminder Emily in Paris is supposed to be pronounced with a French accent so 'Emily' and 'Paris' rhyme,” Netflix tweeted.

Cue: croissants exploding in midair, millions frantically combing their store of ninth-grade geography knowledge for a city that rhymes with their own first name. (Isabel in New Rochelle.)

In fact, even Lily Collins, the woman behind Emily’s cherry red beret, was thrown for a loop.

"So here's the thing, when we were shooting it in Paris, we heard people referencing it as that more often,” Collins told host Jimmy Fallon during a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show. “Because we're in Paris and the accent. I was like, 'Oh yeah, it rhymes. That's cute.’"

But it didn’t quite stick. Collins said she “literally forgot about it” after she returned home when season 1 wrapped. "It was never like a big thing and then I felt like I was one with every single other person in the world that found that out the same day because I was like, 'Wait, have I been saying it wrong?’"

“So ... I'm Emily and I even was saying it wrong. So go figure," Collins said of the meta twist. "I feel like that's actually something Emily herself would be like, 'I guess I was part of the joke.’"

Collins, who’s currently doing press for her latest Netflix project, David Fincher’s Mank, appeared on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show in a glamorous sheer black Alexandre Vauthier suit with crystal-studded pinstripes. The actress and Lancôme brand ambassador wore her long dark hair straight and added pops of color to her look with a bright pale blue shadow and orange-red lip.