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As a longtime Lena Dunham fan, I’m so ready for this barrage of non-stop hate to finally come to an end. Why does society feel that this accomplished, talented, admirable young woman is deserving of such an extreme level of disrespect?

Most recently, the 30-year-old Girls creator/star/writer/producer/director has faced criticism over her weight loss. As a strong proponent of body positivity, Dunham is now being called a hypocrite for dropping a few pounds. Apparently, being comfortable with your body means never losing any weight and staying a size that others feel comfortable with.

Being in the public eye puts one at risk of receiving unwanted criticism: true. But it’s hard to deny that Dunham’s share of public hatred has been greater than that of most celebrities. It’s especially inflammatory considering her so-called offenses: she’s too thin, too fat, too honest, too liberal, too outspoken, too fortunate, et al. There's nothing too controversial here—she’s a talented creative confronted by an intense and unwarranted amount of vitriol.

I’ll admit, she’s made her share of mistakes. Her lack of filter has stirred up a lot of trouble over the years—some of it warranted, most of it not. But, she’s young, she’s human, and mistakes happen.

Why do we have such a problem with people who aren’t afraid to be themselves? Maybe this is, in fact, the basis of Dunham’s collective disdain: she’s too much like us. She’s not the conventional celebrity—she speaks freely, doesn’t head to the gym in a full face of makeup, and isn’t driven by fads and social norms.

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You don’t like her? Cool. Does that mean you need to flood her social media accounts with hateful comments and a stream of unspeakable putdowns? It’s time to leave Lena alone.