Lea Michele Wore a Sheer Gown Over High-Waisted Underwear on the Red Carpet

Sheer continues to take over Hollywood one carpet at a time.

From Hollywood's biggest night to more low-key celebrity excursions, it's impossible to ignore the absolute chokehold sheer clothing has on fashion right now. The latest to sport the see-through trend was none other than Lea Michele, and her red carpet ensemble definitely served all the drama.

On Monday, the actress stepped out for the premiere of Spring Awakening: Those You've Known in New York City. Lea wore a black floor-length gown for the occasion, complete with an opaque bust and a patterned sheer skirt. She layered the gauzy dress over a pair of high-waisted black underwear and accessorized with simple silver earrings and her glitzy wedding ring. Lea styled her long brown waves in a low ponytail parted down the middle.

Lea michele sheer black dress
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The HBO documentary's premiere, which looks back on the Tony Award-winning show's run, comes 15 years after Spring Awakening first debuted on Broadway. Lea opened up about her experience playing Wendla in the angsty coming-of-age musical alongside Jonathon Groff's Melchior in the special, and revealed that she and Groff became "so intertwined."

"At one point, I literally showed him my whole vagina," Michele shared in the doc before adding. "He was like, 'I've never seen a woman's vagina before. Would you show me?' And I was like, 'Sure.' And I took a desk lamp … and showed him. That's how close we are…. But I've never seen Jonathan naked. I've never seen his penis."

Lea sat down with People for an interview ahead of the documentary's premiere where she explained, "I'm so grateful that we connected in the way that we did so that we were then able to go on the stage and then have that level of trust. If we didn't, I think it would've been really impossible and just so challenging to have to tackle that material every night with someone that you don't feel that safety and trust with."

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