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Here's What You Missed on TV This Week

This week’s pre-Thanksgiving TV lineup was kind of a big deal. Clearly, nothing can top the excitement we have for the upcoming launch of Gilmore Girls’ Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (T-minus 7 days!)—but streaming services aside, our serial faves really brought their A-game this week. First off, we were treated to an amazing surprise when the season three premiere episode of The Affair sneakily appeared on the Showtime website over a week ahead of its Nov. 20 release date—and whoa, it did not disappoint. Meanwhile, Shameless may have finally redeemed Frank with his accidental gesture of goodwill to Liam, but we're sure he'll come out on the bottom (of the lake?) again by the end of the season. Some things just never change. Scream Queens finally came back after a three-week hiatus with a game-changing revelation. We won't give anything away here; you'll have to keep scrolling down for that spoiler. HBO furthered television’s winning streak with standout episodes from premiere comedy series Divorce and Insecure, and a long-standing fan theory on Westworld's sinister backstory has finally proven to be true. It was all pretty phenomenal, but just in case you missed it, here’s a roundup of this week’s must-see moments. We'll see you next week for another wild round of revelations!