Lance Bass
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Lance Bass has always been ahead of the trends. Back in the ‘90s, he pretty much put frosted tips on the map with his *NSYNC bandmate Justin Timberlake. But these days, Bass’s interests are a little more … zen. His latest obsession is doga—that’s right, dog yoga—the buzzy new way to do the downward dog with your actual pup by your side.

If you follow Bass on Instagram, you already know he’s an animal lover and dog dad to 8-year-old rescue Lily as well as two new pups named Chip and Dale that he adopted earlier this year with husband Michael Turchin. But even the singer himself was a little skeptical about the doga fad—until he hit the mat himself.

Following his first doga class at The Den Meditation in L.A., we caught up with Bass about livin’ the yogi life, his return to MTV, and the *NSYNC reunion that’s (finally!) happening later this year.

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I hear you’re a doga expert now. What made you want to try it?

Yoga with animals around? Why not? It’s such an L.A. thing to do, which is also hilarious. It was actually so much better than I ever thought. I didn't know that it was actual yoga, just with dogs running around.

What did your dog think of it?

My dog Chip is usually very hyper, and for some reason during the class he was calmer than I’d ever seen him. He did all the little moves with me. He’s a natural.

Why do you think doga has become such a craze?

It's just a great bonding experience with your animal. When you look at each other in the eyes and you’re stretching them, you bond in a completely different way. It’s really fun and surprisingly still relaxing.

What’s harder: learning doga or the dance moves to "Bye Bye Bye?"

The dance moves were a lot harder for me, that's for sure [laughs].

Do you still think you could do the routine after all these years?

You would think it would go away, but when we did the VMA’s in 2013, all we had to do was rehearse for maybe three hours and it all came back.

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You recently joined forces with Natural Balance to educate people about healthier pet food options for dogs. What else do you do with your pets to keep them happy and healthy?

It's important to keep your dogs as active as possible, both physically and mentally. I also really care what I put in their dog bowl. I don't do morning and night feedings, I just feed them Natural Balance throughout the day because it has tons of protein and is perfect for little nibbles and treats. They love learning tricks, so sometimes I'll hide the food in these little puzzles, and they have to figure out how to get them out. I’m always trying to challenge their brain.

You’ve had a busy week with the premiere of your new MTV show, 90’s House. What’s the most quintessentially ‘90s thing that you’ve ever worn?

Oh my gosh. Well, of course, the frosted tips was the biggest thing. I love my frosted tips. I had just awful outfits back then. I think the outfits that we wore to the 1999 American Music Awards were worst things we've ever worn because we looked like Stay Puft Marshmallow Men. They were huge. Joan Rivers gave us an award on the red carpet for being the "most waterproof," so that tells you how bad they were.

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Speaking of '90s, TRL is coming back to MTV on Oct. 2 after a 9-year hiatus. Would you ever go back to Times Square for a visit?

You better believe I'd go back. It was the ultimate playground. The show helped build so many of us musicians. It was like a high school. We would all just show up and have a good time with our friends.

Do you have an all-time favorite TRL memory?

I remember when they were doing the contest, "Wanna Be a VJ?" And we were the judges for the last part of the competition. It was between Dave Holmes and Jessie Camp, and I thought that Dave Holmes was the best, but Jessie was the one who won the whole thing, and became a VJ. Of course, Dave Holmes is the one still kicking ass today. Told ya!

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You've said that *NSYNC will re-release your classic Christmas album, “Home For Christmas” this year on vinyl. Is that still happening?

It is. It comes out in a couple weeks. We're doing a big October release, exclusively with Urban Outfitters. I'm sure you'll see some cheesy *NSYNC Christmas sweaters too.

Do you think we’ll see an *NSYNC reunion at all this year?

Yeah, we'll be getting back together in a few months when we get our star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We're just planning that celebration right now. It'll be really fun!

Do you guys keep in touch otherwise? What was the last thing you texted about?

We had a group text on Sunday actually. Joey [Fatone] sent around an old video where he was flipping Chris [Kirkpatrick] onstage, and Chris landed on his head. It was a major flip fail that I don’t even remember happening because I was on the other side of the stage. So we've been having a lot of fun with that one.

What are the chances that we’ll ever get a full *NSYNC reunion tour?

I mean, anything is possible, of course. It's not something that we’re talking about, but never say never.