Lady Gaga Wore a Star-Shaped Bikini and Now I Need a Star-Shaped Bikini

A star is … buoyant? 

A star is … buoyant?

Lady Gaga, Queen of Extravagance and being in rooms with 100 people, overtook our feeds on Wednesday with yet another Very Good bikini we may need to add to our collection.

In a video posted to her grid, the multi-hyphenate is seen emerging from a large movie star pool in a large movie star way, peering at the camera from behind her Retrosuperfuture cut-out cat-eye shades. And the suit! Gaga is wearing an orange Layli + Layla bikini with two star-shaped pieces of fabric across the chest and wrap-around strings tying being her back with a matching high-waist string bottom, accessorized with a chunky gold chain slung below her waist. End scene.

In a summer of upside-down swim tops and bikini string-tying so intricate it'd make Simone Biles dizzy, Gaga's star-shaped orange bikini is both on-trend and refreshingly unique. Plus, you gotta love a price-point accessible for those of us who have yet to top the charts.

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