Lady Gaga's Italian Accent Is the True Star of the 'House of Gucci' Trailer

Mother Monster plots murder and sips espresso like no other.

Thanksgiving just got a little more … murder-y?

The first trailer for the cinematic event of the season is here, and it has proven what we knew all along: House of Gucci is going to be a wild ride.

Chain-smoking Lady Gaga in '80s and '90s couture, plotting to murder her husband (a bespectacled Adam Driver!) in a thick Italian accent — what else do you need in a feature film? How about a balding Jared Leto in a purple corduroy suit? A fully clothed Adam Driver (the human version) sandwiched in a tiny bathtub with Lady Gaga? An earnestly delivered "It's time to take out the trash"? An après-ski Gaga meditating on her lack of ethics whilst sipping from an espresso cup? Al Pacino?? Salma Hayek??? Studio 54????

We will have it all, and more, when House of Gucci hits theaters Nov. 24. Until then, you can find us poring over the absolutely iconic character posters.

House of Gucci Trailer

It would be an honor to be murdered by you, Gaga.

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