Kylie and Kendall Jenner Went on a Lavish Utah Vacation With Friends

They went despite a nonessential travel ban in California.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner were clearly sick of quarantining at their mansions in Los Angeles so they decided to move on to more scenic pastures: Utah. The sisters posted a series of photos of themselves hanging out with friends in the 45th state over the Fourth of July weekend. As Elle pointed out, they decided to ignore California's nonessential travel ban for a "change of scenery."

On Instagram, Kendall posted a simple group of photos showing herself standing on rocks and watching fireworks from the top of a car.

Kylie took it a little bit further with her documentation of the trip, posting several photos of the resort, her outfits, and the group of friends even after Kendall apparently left.

kylie jenner
Instagram / @kyliejenner

While it seemed mostly low-key, and we have to assume everyone on the trip got tested before going, there was a little bit of drama involved. On Tuesday, fans called Kylie out for not tagging the Black-owned business that made the dress she was wearing in one of the photos. After the designer ignored the comments and thanked her for wearing it, Kylie said that she would never purposefully not tag someone and encouraged her fans to support the brand.

Despite the fact that COVID-19 cases in California are on the rise, the family continues to hang out in groups and travel. Kim Kardashian has been at her estate in Wyoming (where Kourtney and Kylie have both been) and Khloé has been throwing parties for the Fourth of July and her birthday.

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