Kylie Jenner Is Bringing Back the JNCO Jeans Aesthetic

The larger-than-life silhouette is not her usual M.O.

It was only a matter of time. With '90s essentials like tiny shoulder bags, micro sunglasses, and Clueless-ready cardigan sets back in rotation, wide-leg denim was destined to come back with its throwback brethren. Kylie Jenner, who is more prone to body-con than loose silhouettes, posted a gallery of shots showing off a pair of cargo pocket-festooned denim that's a definite throwback to the heyday of rave-ready JNCO jeans. While she's most likely not wearing actual JNCOs, there's no denying that the cartoonish, wide shape and the medium blue are an homage to the brand that dominated certain circles back in the day.

Jenner paired the jeans with a tight white crop top and coordinating denim pumps. While it's unclear what she's keeping in all the cargo pockets — we count at least eight in addition to the usual two, which are ready for plenty of Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Dr. Pepper lip balm — she's also carrying a mini bag and finished the look with light-lensed shield-style shades.

"Summer feeling," she captioned the images.

The JNCO renaissance is a definite swerve from Jenner's latest looks. Recently, she's been seen wearing bustiers, very sheer outfits, and plunging-neckline dresses, which are what fans might expect from the bombshell Kardashian-Jenner sibling. The jeans may mark a shift in Jenner's upcoming looks, though knowing how much she loves to play dress-up, it could just be a little bit of fun.

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