Kylie Jenner's Baby Boy Made a Rare Appearance in Her BTS Met Gala Video

Stormi also had a cute cameo.

Met Gala Red Carpet 2022
Photo: Getty Images

Kylie Jenner may have had a full plate while working with the Off-White team to put the finishing touches on her Met Gala look earlier this week, but that didn't mean she wasn't also on mom duty. On Wednesday, the mom-of-two shared a sentimental, behind-the-scenes video documenting her 2022 Met Gala experience, and in the YouTube footage, fans got a rare glimpse of Jenner's newborn son (formerly known as Wolf) and his older sister Stormi.

The siblings joined their mom in New York for the first Monday in May and made cute cameos in her documentary-style montage. First, Stormi is seen boarding Kylie's private jet, before sitting on her grandmother Kris Jenner's lap to chant, "we're going to New York" and giving her aunt Khloé a big hug and a high-five.

Kylie also teased a peek at her baby boy's tiny feet during the plane ride, which were clad in a pair of Air Jordans. "Look at my son's cute shoes!" she said, as she squeezed his foot. "He can't even walk yet!"

Elsewhere in the video, Kylie explained that the "only reason" she went to the Met this year was to honor Off-White's founder Virgil Abloh, who passed away in November 2021. "The only reason I came to the Met this year, to be honest, I decided really last minute I wasn't gonna go. I was like 'Unless I can go and honor Virgil' and [his wife] Shannon would want me to go and I would wear Off-White, then that's the only reason I would go today. To honor him," she explained while sitting in the makeup chair. "I feel like I was supposed to go with Off-White because Virgil and I talked about this for the last two years. I was supposed to go with him in 2020 so it feels right that my Met come back I'm going with Off-White for sure."

She also noted that she "doesn't care" what people think of her look, which consisted of a bridal gown created by the late designer, a backwards baseball cap, and a birdcage veil, because the meaning of the dress goes beyond aesthetics. "It also puts off the pressure of what people think about my look because I love it so much. It's so much more special to me that I don't care what people think. It's very special."

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