Khloe Kardashian Had a "Family Only" 36th Birthday Party at Kylie Jenner's House

It came complete with a Khloe themed bounce house and sibling fight.

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The Kardashians are not ones to shy away from an over-the-top birthday party, even while social distancing. Over the weekend, Khloe Kardashian turned 36-years-old, and her little sister Kylie Jenner stepped in to make sure a celebration happened at her house.

The party was apparently, "family only," and was attended by seemingly all of the siblings except for Kim. Of course, there was an inflatable Khloe faced bouncy bounce for the kids, balloons that spelled out "Koko" and plenty of pink cakes, balloons, and flowers.

What would a Kardashian gathering be though without a little bit of sibling fighting? In one video shared by Kendall, it seems like a small physical altercation ensued when she tried to leave. It was all love, however, as Khloe dove on top of Kourtney in order to grab Kendall by the sleeve on her way out the door.

Kris Jenner also shared some snaps from the event, including one of four of the siblings hugging by an entire bar filled with sweets. Sure, why not?

This is not the first party of quarantine for the family. Just two weeks ago, they all got together and threw a party for Scott Disick. Kim posted about the event on Instagram writing, "We celebrated Scott’s bday a few weeks ago with just family and it was really my first time being around a group of people( small group). It was kind of nice but kind of scary too. How is everyone feeling about being out and about?" Before that, they all celebrated her daughter North's birthday in Wyoming.

We've got about a month until Kylie's birthday and based on the last few you can place a safe bet that it will be ... a lot.

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