Kylie Jenner Puppy - LEAD
Credit: kyliejenner/Instagram

It doesn't matter how old you are—a sweet little puppy will always be the ultimate birthday gift! Kylie Jenner, whose 19th birthday is coming up on August 10, was treated to an adorable surprise yesterday. She received the cutest puppy ever as an early birthday present from her friends, and she couldn't be more excited!

The 18-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was just having a normal Saturday hanging out with her friends and her boyfriend, rapper Tyga, when her besties brought out the brown-and-white pup. In the Snapchat posts she shared, Jenner squeals with delight and immediately takes to cuddling her new pet. After polling her Snapchat fans, she promptly decided to name the little dog Penny—so sweet!

Kylie Jenner Puppy - Embed 1
Credit: KylizzleMyNizzl/Snapchat

Even though the pooch stole the limelight, Jenner was looking pretty fresh in her social media posts. She wore a gray sweatsuit with a pair of gold Puma sneakers and an off-white backpack. She posted a quick pic of her ensemble on Instagram, writing, "those new gold Pumas tho #ForeverFierce."

Getting a new puppy is a pretty great way to kick off your birthday celebrations, although we bet come the actual big day there will more headline-making gifts to come!

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Credit: KylizzleMyNizzl/Snapchat
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Credit: KylizzleMyNizzl/Snapchat