Pregnant Kylie Jenner's Baby Blue Accessory Is Driving the Internet Crazy

Although Kylie Jenner has yet to personally confirm that she is pregnant, her social media presence seems to be hinting at the nationwide discussion.

On Tuesday, the 20-year-old posted a photo on Snapchat of three different phone cases available through the Kylie Jenner Shop—two of which were pink, and one blue. “Which one?” Jenner wrote at the bottom of the shot. “I’m thinking blue …” she noted.


Fans were quick to call out the possible parallel between her phone case hues and the sex of her unborn child.

On Wednesday, Jenner followed up her initial snap with a meta Instagram photo while appearing to take a selfie with her phone (WHICH IS IN THE BLUE CASE).


So … she chose the blue. People previously reported that the mom-to-be is expecting a girl. Is Kylie's phone case decision a sign that she's breaking gender stereotypes when it comes to pastels? Or is baby Jenner is actually a boy? Does Saint West have a male cousin on the way? Someone who’ll invite him to tea parties (unlike big sis’ North)?

Only time will tell.

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