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7 Sex and the City Outfits That I’d Still Wear Now

Sex and the City was ostensibly about four women living, working, and dating in New York City, but its storylines were easily eclipsed by the characters' fashion choices. As the show's costume designer Patricia Field has said, "We were telling the stories and showcasing the characters through the way they dress." SATC, in some ways, revolutionized fashion. It introduced big new trends (remember the oversize flower pins, or the Fendi baguette bags?), mixed high and low fashion, broke all sorts of "rules" (exposed bras, button-down shirts as dresses), and highlighted hundreds of breathtaking shoes. As the 20th anniversary of the show's premiere approaches, it's remarkable how relevant those fashion choices still are today. You could spend an entire week dressing like Carrie, Sarah Jessica Parker's character, without looking like you're stuck in the early 2000s. Miranda's normcore looks and working-woman wardrobe feel more relevant than ever. Charlotte's preppy style is timeless, and Samantha's eye-catching bright colors and sexy silhouettes are forever inspirational. There are too many amazing looks to count, but we've gathered our favorite ones to copy below. VIDEO: Is Sex and the City 3 Happening?