By Jonathan Borge
Updated Mar 17, 2016 @ 9:45 am
Credit: Mike Pont/WireImage

While North Shore High School’s student body best fit into a mix of categories that ranged from Preps to Varsity Jocks to Burnouts and Plastics, Mean Girls didn’t take into account another popular way to classify the teenage set: reality TV stars. That’s precisely what former Laguna Beach bad girl Kristin Cavallari was at the ripe age of 17, when her main priorities alternated between making sure L.C. (Lauren Conrad) didn’t steal her beloved “Stepheeeeen” and finding new ways to repurpose denim cutoffs with white tank tops.

So just how much did the now mother of three love her days spent opening and closing lockers? A lot. When asked to choose her favorite high school memory, Cavallari struggled to zero in on just one. “Oh man! That’s tough to pick just one. That’s really hard,” she told us.

There was, however, one major connection she made that still stands strong. “My freshman year of high school, I went to a Catholic high school in Orange County and took Driver’s Ed at Laguna Beach High School, and that’s where I met all of my girlfriends like Alex Murrel [a fellow Laguna Beach star]. [She] was in my class with me and everything,” she noted. “That’s when I really started developing my friends who are still my friends today. Laguna was very new and exciting for me and it was just a really fun time in my life.”

In fact, Cavallari made such good friends that she still sees the high school clan every now and then. “I actually just saw Alex and Morgan [Smith] a couple weeks ago in Laguna Beach and we were talking about all the high school times. It’s really fun,” she revealed. Our fingers are crossed for an early aughts reunion.