Princess Diana is shown bristling at the confusing tradition in Spencer. 


Don't let Prince William and Kate Middleton's YouTube channel fool you, the British royal family is still deeply rooted in outdated and problematic traditions.

In the latest cinematic exploration of Princess Diana's life, Spencer (which, mind you, labels itself a "fable"), Kristen Stewart's Diana is seen trepidatiously arriving at the queen's Sandringham estate for Christmas in the early '90s.

Upon entering, the royal is asked to weigh herself. Naturally, she expresses her distaste for this categorically distasteful tradition — which, in the film, is noted to be done upon arrival and departure. Diana mentions that attendees are expected to gain at least three pounds following their stay, though that exact number remains rumored.

Yes, The Royals Reportedly Get Weighed Before and After Christmas Dinner

Credit: NEON

And while many aspects of Pablo Larraín's film are clearly the product of creative license, talk of this specific royal tradition has been circulating for years.

According to a 2018 Grazia UK article, the Christmas ritual dates back to King Edward VII (Queen Elizabeth's great-grandfather) who "wanted to ensure his guests ate well." 

Edward II reigned from 1901 to 1910, by the way, so the family has had over a century to revise the strange Christmas rule. And hey, it's possible they have, but considering that precedence was still given to men in the line of succession until Princess Charlotte's birth in 2013, we won't hold our breath.