"I look down, and literally my [nipple] is in their faces."


There's more to attending the Met Gala than simply getting dressed up and posing earnestly in a tent. Another important wrinkle is, well, making sure your outfit stays in place.

Kristen Stewart, a Met veteran, had some difficulty with her Chanel look this year (which famously consisted of a ruffled pink floral jacket worn over a sheer lace tank and billowing white trousers).

Once inside, the Spencer star decided to remove her jacket and take her place at Chanel's table.

"So I go to the Met ball and there's a new set of kids at the Chanel table," Stewart recalled in an interview with People. "There was a beautiful young tennis player [Emma Raducanu] and a young actress [from the Gossip Girl remake, Whitney Peak]." 

Kristen Stewart Had a Major Wardrobe Malfunction at the Met Gala
Credit: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Preparing to impart her gala-going wisdom to the newcomers, Stewart began speaking to her table-mates.

"I'm talking to them, saying, 'Welcome, I've done this a couple times,' and they look like I'm scaring them. I look down, and literally my [nipple] is in their faces. I was like, 'OK, sorry, I'll put that away now,'" the actress said.

"They're like, 'Who is this crazy old actress at the Met Ball?'" Stewart joked. "This is going to be a story for them when they're older." 

Well, however unintentionally, perhaps she taught them a lesson after all?