Kristen Stewart Has One Major Regret About Playing Princess Diana

"It's the one part of playing her that I felt disloyal about."

Critical acclaim is already rolling in for Kristen Stewart and her take on Princess Diana in Spencer, but in a new interview, she says that she does have one regret about the role and how she could have connected to the People's Princess even more (aside from possibly communing with ghosts, that is).

Stewart told The Daily Mail that director Pablo Larraín described his vision for Diana and her children, William and Harry, to be "a three-headed animal in a bubble." And while Stewart appears to have nailed the emotion that went down at the 1991 Christmas getaway, she said that there was one thing she couldn't get, because she didn't have the experience: "I'm not a mum yet."

"It's the one part of playing her that I felt disloyal about," Stewart said.

Kristen Stewart
Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

People notes that Stewart explained she spent a lot of time with the actors that portrayed her children (Jack Nielsen as Prince William and Freddie Spry as Prince Harry) to show what she felt would be the right dynamic. She added that she felt like Diana was "untouchable" when she was with her kids, something she felt was very important for audiences to see.

"She's like this feral animal you wouldn't dare accost," Stewart continued.

She said something similar in a previous interview with the Los Angeles Times, saying that she felt a sort of "feral cat" emotion coming from Diana.

"Any picture or interview I've ever seen of her, there's an explosive, ground-shaking quality to her that I always feel like you never really know what's going to happen. Even when she's walking the red carpet, it just feels a little bit scary," she said. "That could be projection, because we all know what happened. But she just has this feral cat feel. So I wanted to convey that. There's no way to plan chaos. You just have to fall into it."

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