Kristen Stewart Embraced the Shirtless Blazer Trend for a Cover Shoot

The Spencer star promoted her upcoming film in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Shirtless blazer icon Kristen Stewart is back on her shirtless blazer game, as a shirtless blazer icon is wont to be.

The Spencer star appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly's Fall Movie Preview in service of her much-buzzed-about turn as Princess Diana. Stewart, who knew she'd agree to star in Pablo Larraín's unconventional biopic before she even read the script, appeared in the magazine in a collection of shots that match her personal aesthetic.

In one image, the actress poses in a glittering chainmail top, white blazer, and pink lace bike shorts; in another, Stewart sprawls on a grassy lawn in a blue knit bralette. But perhaps the most strikingly on-brand photo showcases the Twilight alum in an oversized, striped pink blazer with broad Diana-approved shoulders, a matching set of pants, and zero tops or bras to speak of.

Kristen Stewart Entertainment Weekly
Lauren Dukoff for EW

Though Stewart's ties to Diana were few before she signed on to the project, she said she can almost (sort of, kind of) relate to the late royal's experience with fame.

"I've come near these sort of manic levels of fame and intrusion," the 31-year-old told EW. "I have experienced people kind of wanting to come in, but there is no comparison to this particular woman, in terms of that fervent desire to have her and know her."

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