Kristen Stewart Honored Princess Diana in the Best Way After Filming 'Spencer'

She's making sure that Princess Diana's spirit lives on.

Fans saw just how closely Kristen Stewart resembled Princess Diana in the first teaser trailer for Spencer — right down to the accent — but the actor is proving that she's got plenty more in common with the people's princess with her wrap gift to the movie's crew.

Twitter user @prettymagicx shared a note from Stewart to the crew, showing that she made donations to two charities working to continue Diana's legacy, the National AIDS Trust and Mines Advisory Group. Diana was a patron of the National AIDS Trust from 1991 to 1997 and worked throughout her life to end the use of landmines and to have mines deactivated in Africa.

The image shows that Stewart made two $50 donations on behalf of crew members to the charities. The post also shows a handwritten note in the background and a very regal wax-seal stamped envelope for the correspondence. Stewart hasn't commented on the post or mentioned the donations.

Stewart's latest wrap gift is a stark contrast to reports of what she planned on handing out to Mackenzie Davis, her co-star in Happiest Season. In a video for BuzzFeed, Stewart said that she wanted to give Davis a toothpick that she chewed on throughout the movie.

"Mackenzie, I was so proud of and boasting about my wrap gift that I got you and then I never gave it to you because we didn't end up, like, seeing each other," Stewart said.

Apparently, Davis was "so disgusted" by it that Stewart had it bronzed and ready to gift, but she never got the chance.

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