Just two pop culture icons making plans.

Update: During an appearance on the Today show, Kristen Stewart got a huge surprise from FoodTV superstar Guy Fieri. After saying that she'd love to have him officiate her upcoming wedding, the official mayor of Flavortown, USA, said that he was up to the challenge.

"Hey Kristen, Guy Fieri here, and I heard through the Flavortown grapevine that you are looking for a sweet spikey-haired officiant for your wedding," Fieri said in his a pre-taped message to the Spencer star. "I'm all in!"

When Stewart realized that it wasn't a joke, she immediately had questions for host Hoda Kotb, saying, "Do you know where he lives? What's his address? Does he live in L.A.? We should talk about this."

Previously: It's not surprising to learn that Kristen Stewart would have unorthodox views on her upcoming wedding. During an appearance on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show, she confirmed that she will, indeed, have a wedding now that she's engaged to Dylan Meyer and that she initially thought of not having an officiant at the ceremony — except for one very specific guy: Guy Fieri.

Speaking about the idea of a big wedding, Stewart said that she wanted to be proposed to and she's very excited to have a big to-do, minus the usual trappings of an over-the-top celebrity ceremony. She plans on wearing "jeans, no shoes, and a cut-off tuxedo t-shirt" and, at first, wanted to handle the actual officiating with Meyer until she learned a fun fact about Fieri.

"We did hear that Guy Fieri from the Food Network officiates a lot of gay weddings," she said. "So, the idea of that man — that sweet, sweet spikey-headed man — coming to our wedding and officiating it, it just makes me laugh so much."

Stewart also discussed her role in Spencer, noting that she had to change the way she spoke to get Diana's signature lilt, something that was so extreme that it gave her jaw issues, though the stress of playing an actual princess might have had something to do with it, too.

"When I speak, I barely open my mouth. When [Diana] speaks, it's just open," she said. And just two weeks before the production started, she came down with stress-induced temporomandibular joint disorder. "I literally couldn't open my mouth. It was like a physical manifestation of stress."

And as for all the awards buzz, Stewart said that she's well aware of what everyone is saying, but she's not getting too excited, choosing to focus on being proud of the film for what it is, not any possible trophies it could take home.

"I'm like, 'Yeah, for sure I want to be a part of this conversation. I want everyone to see this movie. I'm so proud of it,'" she said. "It's kind of a once in a lifetime thing. I just don't think this will ever happen again, so I'm kind of smooth sailing through this one."