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Imagine having a hairstyle so godlike, your own daughters can’t resist the vampiric urge to form themselves in your likeness, wearing wigs to look just like you. Such is the influence of Balmain-bound boss lady Kris Jenner, the omnipresent orchestrator, manager, and most essential player in the entire Kardashian empire. As Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie make headlines, Jenner is always in the background, looking fabulous and calling most, if not all, of the shots. And her hair is as much a part of her identity as is her Midas touch to turn her family members into business gold.

Jenner has kept her hair relatively the same for decades, and at this point I’d argue that she has the most recognizable mop in Hollywood, the kind of cut that screams, "I know exactly what is going on here — in fact, I am in charge of it." That authoritative look has played extremely well for Jenner, and she's stayed committed to it — and in this household, we stan a queen that refuses to change her classic look to fit whatever trend might be happening at the moment.

So, how would you describe Jenner’s timeless look? At its core, it’s a pixie cut — short in the back and on the sides and longer up top and in front. Jenner keeps the top layers of her hair long, so she can slick them back, volumize them, or sometimes even blow them out into a pompador. But there’s something more to Jenner’s look than the average pixie, a phenomenon that celebrity hairstyle Jorge Serrano refers to as “boss hair.”

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“Not a lot of women can pull off the classically chic Kris Jenner “Boss” Pixie,” Serrano tells InStyle. Jenner and her daughters are frequent clients. "Boss hair is chic, glossy and has a lot of texture and movement. We don’t ever want it to look stiff with too much product. We like when her hair is free and has movement, so when she puts her hands in it, it still looks great.”

You heard it here first: If you want to be a Kris Jenner-level boss, you need to keep your hair in a constant state of dynamism, ready for whichever headline or ill-timed cheating scandal may come your way. Serrano also says that another key to Jenner’s hair is flexibility — the cut stays relatively the same, but she experiments with temporary transformations when the time feels right.

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“Kris’s signature cut has been her look for decades,” Serrano says, “But we play around quite a bit to make it interesting, with wigs, and hair products that create different textures. I don’t ever feel limited with styling. Short hair is so versatile, we play with sexy updo hair styles, sexy side swept bangs, wispy textured bangs, flat ironed straight and [with] volume.”

And that's the behind-the-scenes breakdown of the hairstyle that will go down in history for making the momager cool again. Kris Jenner, thank you for your years of dedication to a strong #lewk.