Kourtney Kardashian Shines in a White Thong Bikini

No, like, literally shining.

It's safe to say that one area where the Kardashians excel is Instagram. And eldest sister of the clan Kourtney Kardashian is certainly no exception. She's constantly blessing our feeds with bikini pics, workout snaps, and steamy couple photos with her boyfriend (maybe husband?) Travis Barker.

Her latest post has certainly caught our eye, but not for the reasons you'd think. Of course, Kourtney looks phenomenal in the white thong string-bikini. But it's the fact that she's literally glowing. The Poosh founder posted a series of photos to Instagram of herself in a luminescent bikini, glowing in the night. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum struck poses in front of and in a pool that overlooks the dark ominous-looking ocean.

"life is but a dream," she captioned the post. Yes, her life does appear to be a dream at times.

She and Barker also seem to have quite the dreamy relationship, often sharing glimpses into their head-over-heels love for each other, whether they're bike riding around Venice, California or living it up in Vegas sparking marriage rumors.

Earlier this month, the pair shared cute couple pictures from their weekend in Vegas that seemed innocent enough. Until, Kourtney's hairstylist Glen Oropeza (a.k.a. @glencocoforhair) posted an incriminating piece of evidence.

"…NOWWW I understand why ppl tie the knot in Vegas 💒🖤 , " he wrote alongside photos of Kravis. "There's nothing like love AND a good time. 🥳." And that's not all — Barker's daughter Alabama also posted to her story saying she was "So happy for you guys." Plus, Kourtney was spotted in Disneyland the week before wearing bridal Minnie Mouse ears.

Married or not, the couple seem to be happy and in love. A source told E! News that the duo isn't afraid to talk future.

"They are head over heels and never experienced love like this," the source said. "Kourtney is the happiest. Travis adores her and treats her so well. It's very different than her other relationships and all positive."

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