Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Were Caught on the Kiss Cam at a UFC Fight

And they did more than just kiss.

Ever since going public with their relationship, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker haven't been shy about showing their affection for one another. From raunchy birthday tributes to posting kissing photos on Instagram, the couple is head over heels in love and doesn't care who knows it. Proving this point to be true, Kardashian and Barker took their PDA to the next level at the UFC 264 fight in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

At one point during the event, the crowd cam landed on the pair, and without missing a beat, they turned to each other for a kiss, which unexpectedly turned into a full-on make-out session when they stuck out their tongues and leaned in. Afterwards, they laughed off the super awkward moment.

For the occasion, Kourtney paired a black velvet corset that featured a single shoulder with low-rise leather pants. She accessorized with a high, slicked-back ponytail, earrings that read "I Hate You," and her diamond vampire fangs.

She shared a closer look at her outfit on Instagram, captioning a slideshow of photos of her look with a with game die emoji.

Last week, Kardashian and Barker sparked engagement speculation after they made yet another trip to Disneyland, with Kourtney wearing white bridal Minnie Mouse ears and a matching veil. The photo was taken by a fan and shared by Barker's daughter Alabama, but was quickly taken down.

Sources close to the couple told Entertainment Tonight that they've discussed a possible engagement.

"Getting engaged and married one day has definitely been a topic of conversation between Kourtney and Travis. Travis would absolutely love to tie the knot with Kourtney, but Kourtney hasn't been sure that's the step she wants to take in their relationship right now," a source said. "She is extraordinarily happy and doesn't feel the need or want the pressure of getting married."

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