A love letter in disguise?


You know the emo love notes you'd write to your 7th grade boyfriend? Well, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker sure do. 

Kardashian and the Blink-182 drummer, who took their relationship into the Instagram realm last week, have been exchanging a sentiment that feels ripped from the pages of my middle school diary: "may we destroy each other completely."

Why Do Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Want to "Destroy Each Other"?
Credit: Getty Images

Barker tweeted this phrase last week, much to the concern of his fans.

Then, over the weekend, Barker shared a hand-written note from Kardashian to his Instagram Story. "To lots of fun adventures, may we destroy each other completely," she wrote, punctuated by sweet a sign-off: "Love, Kourtney."

Travis Barker Kourtney Kardashian Love Note
Credit: Instagram/travisbarker

So either Kardashian and Barker have discovered a time machine and are heading back to 2006 to write a hit emo pop song, or mutual destruction carries a secret subtext? Despite the 100 million-plus followers and the reality show(s), some things need to remain private, no?

Go forth, destroy each other in peace.