Fans Think Kourtney Kardashian Is Trolling Kim with Her "Obvious" Photoshop Fail


Another day, another Photoshop fail from one of the Kardashian-Jenners.

After her sister Kim Kardashian was called out for altering her legs (not very effectively) in a photo that showed her modeling her new SKIMs swimwear, Kourtney was also accused of editing one of her since-deleted snapshots — however, fans believe that perhaps the photoshopping was intentional.

On Thursday, Kourt posted a photo to her Instagram Story of herself sitting beneath a flower arch with her back to the camera and a glass of wine in hand. She wore a leopard print robe and her dark hair fell down to her butt, which as her followers pointed out, looked rather…um, enhanced?

Despite removing the photo from her Instagram, people already took screenshots and posted them to a Reddit thread. "She totally photoshopped her derrière in this one. 😬," wrote one Reddit user alongside the snap. Others agreed, but some had a theory as to why she shared the "embarrassing" editing job.

"I think she's doing it to make fun of Kim who just had that wonky leg Photoshop fail. I can see her cackling as she obviously distorted herself to troll Kim," wrote one fan, while another said, "She's probably poking fun at Kim for her Photoshop fail lol." A third added, "I can definitely see this as a sarcastic post poking fun at the other sisters with obvious and weird photoshopped body parts."

If their assumptions are proven to be true, this is a totally savage yet hilarious move on Kourtney's part.

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