Who remembers big belts and bigger wedges?

By Christopher Luu
Jul 07, 2020 @ 6:25 pm

Before Kim Kardashian West was considering exactly how she could decorate the White House for Christmastime as first lady of the United States, she was modeling outfit options on Twitter. Kardashian revisited her roots with a gallery of throwback outfits today, giving everyone a walk down memory lane clad in chunky wedges and statement necklaces.

"Who remembers when I got this crazy sunburn in Mexico," Kardashian captioned the quartet of photos, though the memories should be more about the ensembles, not Kim's lack of SPF. In what is a very specific look at '00s fashion, Kardashian inadvertently (or did she do it on purpose?) opened up a time capsule filled with very specific greatest hits.

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Oxygen Media / Contributor

Big belts, big wedges, peplums, and statement necklaces: Kim's reminiscence was akin to clicking through a Facebook album from a Miami bachelorette party or a GNO at Le Deux, complete with bottle service and the possibility of seeing the cast of The Hills.

The finishing touches included Kardashian's messy firework ponytail-slash-top bun and chorus line of shoes, which included many of the era's most memorable styles, like YSL platform pumps and Christian Louboutin peep-toes. For anyone who remembers The Rachel Zoe Project, it's a classic case of photoshoot prep, which is when someone sets everything up like a shoot and every option is easily accessible (Kardashian actually appeared on Zoe's Bravo show in 2011 and there was, in fact, a shoot). 

Kardashian's outfit post comes in the wake of criticism being lobbed at her for seemingly tone-deaf posts during the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests. Back on June 30, Kim showed off her Fresian horses, which can cost as much as $50,000 each. In a tweet, she stated that the West family had a team of Fresians that's 14 members strong. 

Her husband, Kanye West, followed that up with a poem and an assortment of vegetables, which he called a "still life."