Kim Kardashian Wore the Most Shredded Jeans, Ever

More distressing than actual denim, honestly.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Shredded Jeans Crocodile Top
Photo: Instagram/KimKardashian

Bathroom selfies don't usually look like full-on photoshoots, but not every bathroom selfie session stars Kim Kardashian. In her latest Instagram post, Kardashian showed off in a dark bathroom wearing lace-up jeans that were more shredded distressing than actual pants. A far cry from her completely covered-up Balenciaga looks, which fans have gotten to see in just about every color now, the latest snapshots show off plenty of skin, all thanks to the reptile-textured strapless top she paired with the jeans.

Kim's jeans had lace-up detailing up each side seam and replaced the pants' zipper in the front. The black pocket lining was fully visible between the stringy distressing and the first photo shows that she let the pants cover parts of her pointy, open-toe shoe. Aside from the footwear, Kim didn't add other accessories, though it's tough to compete with a shiny purple-ombré crocodile top.

"Talk less and say more," she captioned the carousel.

Aside from the posing, Kardashian made another appearance on Forbes's annual Billionaires List. This time around, she earned a spot at No. 1,645, which is up more than 1,000 spots from her 2021 position. Entertainment Weekly reports that Kim's net worth rings in at nearly $1.8 billion, thanks to SKIMS, her cosmetics line, mobile app, and, of course, her work on reality TV. According to Forbes, there are a total of 2,668 billionaires around the world, though it may be safe to assume there's only one that offers up magazine-level fashion shoots from a bathroom.

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