Kim Kardashian Said Pete Davidson is the "Nicest Human Being"

And that "Staten Island is an amazing place."

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Instagram PDA Double Date
Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

It seems like things are still going well for unexpected yet beloved couple Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. During the businesswoman's interview on Live! With Kelly and Ryan she gushed about the Saturday Night Live star.

"He really is the most genuine person," she said. "I really didn't know much about him before. I saw him a few times at events and stuff like that. And had conversations with him. And he always seems super nice. But I just, I did not know much about him. Getting to know him, he is really, truly the nicest human being."

Earlier in the interview, Kim spoke about her appreciation for Pete's hometown digs, Staten Island, New York. "Staten Island is an amazing place," she teased over Zoom while the audience chuckled. "We had so much fun going to Staten Island. I wanted to check it out. We take ferry rides everywhere. It's always been super low-key."

Co-host Kelly Ripa then asked the reality star how they have managed to sneak in and out of Staten Island without causing too much commotion. "That is the fun part of it. We can just chill and be low-key, ride around and see all the fun hometown stuff and sneak in and out of places," she said. "Staten Island has surprisingly been so low-key for us."

When Ryan Seacrest asked her the most memorable part of the borough, Kim answered with a smile, "Probably the pizza," which makes total sense given the couple's love of pizza joints like Staten Island's Campania or Jon & Vinny in Los Angeles.

Elsewhere in the interview Kim got candid about how and when she found out her sister Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got married in Las Vegas. "I found out when I woke up at like six in the morning to work out and there were so many messages on our group chat," she said. "I think there was a lot of alcohol involved, a lot of love, and they just had a fun night in Vegas!"

When Kelly asked if the marriage was or would become legal, Kim replied, "I don't think it's legal. They said they couldn't get a license in time. I did it once in Vegas and I was able to get a license at a random middle of the night time."

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