Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Are Finally Instagram-Official

And there was a meme attached.

Kim Kardashian Milan Fashion Week Snakeskin Sunglasses
Photo: Photo by Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

A day after she came under fire for telling women that they needed to go out and work if they wanted to reach the billionaire tax bracket, Kim Kardashian made her relationship with Pete Davidson Instagram-official. Call it what you want, but the distraction was something that fans who've managed to keep up with the Kardashians this long have been itching for since the two were rumored to be together back in 2021, when she appeared on Saturday Night Live.

In the short gallery, Kardashian wears a huge tinsel coat — something she wore and re-wore a few times — larger-than-life sunglasses, and metallic, pointy-toe boots. In one image, Pete is laying on the floor with her and doesn't look directly at the camera, but the couple remedied that in another shot, which shows him grinning alongside Kim, who is blowing a kiss.

"Whose car are we gonna take?!" Kardashian wrote alongside the carousel, which ended with a meme pulled from Ben Affleck's The Town.

Kardashian and Davidson haven't been quiet about the relationship, even though this is the first time that he's appeared on her grid. Kardashian's ex, Kanye West, hasn't been quiet about it, either, though instead of cross-country plane rides and romantic Staten Island dinners, he's opting for disturbing music videos. That's videos, plural, since West has had stand-ins for Davidson in two of his recent clips.

For her part, Kim's managed to stay above the fray, finally having a judge declare her legally single. Sources close to her say she's elated with the development, saying that "it's a positive step forward in the divorce. Even though other issues are still being disputed, it's a huge weight off her shoulders."

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