Kim Kardashian Spent More Than $100,000 to Paint Her Cars to Match Her House


Kim Kardashian
Photo: Getty Images

While giving fans a tour of her Hidden Hills mansion, and after confirming that her kids' baby books look nothing like yours, Kim Kardashian offered yet another unrelatable tidbit about herself. In her Vogue video interview titled "Objects of Affection," the reality star walked around her minimalist house in a metallic white Rick Owens top and skirt set showing off a few of her favorite items inside.

After showing each of her children's personalized scrapbook and her own "childhood trunk," Kim took the cameras outside and unveiled her collection of luxury cars. "I've always been a car girl," Kim said while putting out her three "faves" — a Lamborghini, a Rolls-Royce, and a Maybach — in the driveway. "I love cars and I really wanted something different. I wanted my cars to kind of blend in. My house is gray and I wanted them to kind of match the house, so I did all gray cars instead of my typical matte silver that I used to do."

According to TMZ, it cost Kim more than $100,000 to paint them "ghost gray" to coordinate with her mansion. Each car was taken to Platinum Motorsports in Los Angeles and took about a month to complete. A source says Kardashian "was very involved in the process along the way."

In the video, she went on to say why she loved each vehicle. "My Lamborghini Urus, which it has this kit on the front of it so it looks a little different. My Rolls Royce, is gray also, it's a ghost, it has the cutest little crystal lady and I just think that's so unique. And then my favorite baby ever-ever-ever is the Maybach sedan, I love everything about it, I loved painting the emblem gray," the beauty mogul said, before whispering: "If I were to pick one, that's my baby, right there."

Ah, the life of a billionaire.

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