North West Has Serious Opinions About Kim Kardashian's Home Décor

A design star in the making.

Architectural Digest may have dubbed Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Los Angeles compound an "otherworldly oasis of purity and light" and "boundary-defying," but one critic isn't impressed by the Axel Vervoordt-designed space: North West. In a new video for Ellen DeGeneres's Mom Confessions series, Kardashian explains that when North wants to offer up some low blows to her mom, she'll say that the house is ugly.

Kardashian explained, fielding the question, "What's the meanest thing your child has said to you?"

She says that when she and North get into disagreements, Kardashian is always on the receiving end of the same jab: "Your house is so ugly. It's all white. Who lives like this?"

And while Kim is no stranger to letting certain opinions roll off her back, she said, "She just thinks it gets to me and it is kind of mean, because I like my house.

Kim Kardashian
Photo by Gotham/GC images

The video went on with questions like "What's something you've had to learn on the fly as a parent?" (Kim's answer: Learning to play with Roblox) and "What's a lie you recently told your kid?" (Confession: Kim said she stopped lying to her children).

Kardashian's new mommy video comes after her appearance on Saturday Night Live, which included jabs at her sisters, cameos from her mom Kris Jenner, and an on-screen kiss with Pete Davidson. She even jokingly mentioned why she got a divorce during her opening monologue. And while some viewers shrugged off her hosting gig, saying that actual comedians deserve the spot over a reality tv stalwart, the numbers don't lie: the episode managed to get a bump in viewership thanks to Kardashian.

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