"For a good last few years, I just wouldn't wear underwear."

Sorceress supreme of shapewear Kim Kardashian gave her Instagram followers a preview of some of her latest SKIMS releases — all perfectly merchandised and displayed in what appears to be a dedicated underwear closet. And staying true to her brand, Kardashian did it all while wearing nothing but her SKIMS. 

During the closet tour, which showed off meticulously folded (Marie Kondo would be proud) and color-coordinated gradients of nude-colored bras, underwear, and bralettes, Kardashian walked viewers through a few of her favorite pieces. But between the bras and boyshorts, the big reveal may just be the fact that before she developed the line, she just didn't wear underwear.

Kim Kardashian Closet Tour Instagram
Credit: Instagram/KimKardashian

"I was a non-underwear kind of girl for a long time, just because they bothered me," she said. "Every underwear no matter what it was always bothered me.

So, under all those Balmain gowns, the Givenchy couture, those latex outfits, Kardashian was going commando.

"For a good last few years," she added. "I just wouldn't wear underwear, and now I do and I'm obsessed."

In the video, Kardashian also voices her disdain for underwires, shows off just how stretchy her SKIMS underwear selections are, brushes back her long, straight hair several times to show off her grey triangle bra and her cozy-looking SKIMS bathrobe. It's all an intimate look at Kardashian's intimates and by the sounds of Kardashian's QVC-style promotion of her own line, fans (Academy Award-winning actor Kathy Bates included) are sure to cozy up to just about every style she's got on offer.