Kim Kardashian Wore a Hot Pink Two-Piece Set and Pigtail Braids While on Vacation

Let's hope Kim keeps the vaycay looks coming.

Kim Kardashian silver latex dress
Photo: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has a lot going on at the moment. After launching a new SKIMS collection and gearing up for all things The Kardashians premiere — which included a sweet public appearance with Pete — Kim took a much-needed breather while showing off her vacation style in Hawaii.

On Sunday, Kim took to Instagram to share a snap of a colorful vacation outfit, appropriately captioned, "Aloha 🌺." The Kardashian slipped out of one of her typical Balenciaga catsuits and into a hot pink bra top and matching silky short shorts to take in the sun in style. In true Hawaii fashion, Kim skipped high heels and glitzy jewelry in favor of bare feet and a purple and white lei. Kim kept the glam natural and wore a white flower behind her ear to accessorize her braided pigtails.

The vacation photos come just days before the Kardashian family's new reality show is set to premiere on April 14, which will detail Kim's experience hosting Saturday Night Live and meeting her now-boyfriend, Pete Davidson. The unexpected celebrity couple has consistently made headlines since they first debuted their relationship in October 2021, and Kim recently shared that initially, she was just as surprised about their budding romance as everyone else.

"I think that, you know, sometimes things happen when you just least expect it," Kim told Today co-anchor Hoda Kotb. "It was the last thing that I was really planning on. And so when it did happen, we were kind of, like, 'Oh, my God, I wasn't planning on this. And this isn't even what I was thinking of,' and it just makes it that much sweeter and so much more fun."

Kim added that though she's trying to keep more aspects of her time spent with Pete away from the public eye than in past relationships, rest assured she's having the time of her life. "We were driving in the car yesterday and I just, like, looked at him and I was like, 'Thank you,'" Kim said. "And he was like, 'What?' And I was like, 'For running errands with me, like, this is so much fun just to, like, go to a doctor's appointment or go to the dentist and just, like, run errands. I'm having so much fun.'"

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