Kim Kardashian Can’t Stop Posting About 'Bridgerton'

She burns for the show.

Dear reader, Kim Kardashian has finally decided to binge Bridgerton. And it's about time. Even though the reality and social media star is a bit late to the craze, she's making haste and is already on episode six.

And this author can confirm she burns for the widely popular show. She has basically been live streaming her viewing and is sharing her thoughts with her many Instagram followers. On Monday night, Kardashian posted the, entirety of the, er, "Wildest Dreams" scene (you know which one — you've probably watched it more than once) to her Instagram story. "episode 6 #bridgerton #obsessed," she captioned the story.

And if you listen with the sound on, you can hear the Skims founder laughing and making remarks during the scene. "Oh my god, in the rain?" she gasped. We must warn, if you're going to view her story it is very much so NSFW, so do so at your own risk.

Kim Kardashian Bridgerton
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Swifties, don't come after us, but very interesting that out of the many steamy scenes between the Duke and Duchess, Kardashian chose to post the one with Taylor Swift's song. Just something to note.

She's nearing the end of the season — we curiously await her thoughts in the, er, happy ending — but surely she's excited to know that season two is in production and will still be following Daphne and Simon's marriage. In fact, Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) recently let us in on a particular scandal that should arise in season 2. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Andoh informed Bridgerton fans that we may see a plot sort of similar to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's real-life story.

"I really can't say too much nor would you expect me to, but I guess what we do know absolutely is that they're married now. It's a new married life and they have the baby, so there are all the vagaries of what that is like for young people with a new baby," Andoh told ET. "I mean Harry and Meghan, what's it like when you have a new baby? How does it affect you when [you are] a young couple with a new baby?"

OK, we know Kim isn't divorced yet and Regé-Jean Page might have a girlfriend but ... just saying, we'd 'ship it.

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