Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Are Reportedly Ready To "Take Their Relationship to the Next Level"

And that next level includes meeting Pete's grandparents.

Kim Kardashian in a silver outfit
Photo: Getty Images

It really is Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's world. We're just living in it. The unlikely couple is still going strong after dating rumors first started swirling back in October 2021, and it turns out they don't plan on slowing down any time soon.

Following the couple's Instagram hard launch in early March, a source recently told Entertainment Tonight that the pair really is as close as they seem. "Kim and Pete are super serious and they both want to take their relationship to the next level," the source shared.

The update comes in light of Kim's ongoing divorce from Kanye "Ye" West, who made waves online for repeatedly attacking Davidson across various social media platforms. Pete eventually responded to Kanye over a series of texts — which were subsequently posted to the internet — but the source says the Saturday Night Live star is now ready to focus only on his relationship with Kim.

"They are enamored with each other and are continuing to work on seeing their relationship blossom further, regardless of the drama that Kanye previously created," the source said. "Pete decided to speak out because Kanye's behavior got to a point where he personally felt like he had to stand up for himself as a man and a protector. He is over the negativity that Kanye brought to him and Kim and her family."

Kim is also eager to put the family drama behind her, especially when it comes to the four children she shares with West. "She is mostly concerned about her kids being privy to hearing about things, and having to potentially experience negativity by extension," the source added. "She just wants everyone to move on, be happy, and to co-parent in a healthy way."

Now that the couple has In-N-Out dates and name tattoos under their belts, family approval was the only logical next step. According to E! News, Kim recently visited her beau in New York, where she met some of Pete's friends along with his grandparents. "Kim has loved getting this inside peek into Pete's world and where he came from," a source told E! "His family has been very nice and welcoming."

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