Kim Kardashian Is Not Proud of Her Infamous 2006 Fendi Outfit

"I was not killing it."

As a current-day fashion icon, it's hard to believe that Kim Kardashian has had any bad outfit days. But like many of us, Kim has some regrets about her early 2000s fashion. During an interview with E! News, the SKIMS founder told host Erin Lim that she is ashamed of her 2006 all-Fendi look, which she has previously called her "worst" look to date.

"I thought I was killing it. The Fendi belt?" Kardashian said. "I had saved up for a Fendi belt, Fendi boots, Fendi bag. I was not killing it. But I thought I was. And I probably chose to buy that than pay my rent, and I should have paid my rent."

Kim Kardashian 2019 'E!' People's Choice Awards
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The outfit in question? Her Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood: "Fresh 15" ensemble that included a gray knit minidress layered over a built-in white button down. The iconic patent leather, giant buckled Fendi belt sat along her waist, and a matching purse and knee-high boots finished the look.

Kim Kardashian 2006 'Us Weekly' Fresh 15
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Another nostalgic moment from the early aughts was referenced when Lim asked about her and Paris Hilton's metallic Louis Vuitton bags. "What did you and Paris actually put in these bags?" Lim asked, to which Kardashian replied, "Oh, absolutely nothing. Mine was filled. I wouldn't let her put a thing in there. They were both my bags, and I'd gotten them as a gift, and I told her, 'Do you see what your purses look like? You're not allowed to put one thing in that bag. If you get a stain, if you spill one thing in my bag, I'll kill you.' So, I said, 'Let's use mine, and you can put your purse inside of mine and I'll get out whatever you need, but you're not touching that bag on the inside.'"

Elsewhere in the interview, Kardashian dished on which SKIMS collection her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, likes the most. "He has the boyfriend collection," she told Lim. "Yeah, the T-shirts and underwear. Every guy enjoys it, you guys, like it's the most soft and comfy ever."

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