Kathy Bates Wrote Kim Kardashian a Handwritten Letter About Skims

"I want to do a campaign with her," Kardashian revealed.

Looks like Kathy Bates is a fan of Skims. During a Good Morning Vogue interview, reality star and shape-wear mogul Kim Kardashian revealed that the American Horror Story actress is a fan of her shapewear line Skims. So much of a fan, in fact, that she hand wrote Kardashian a letter to express her love of the products.

"I got the sweetest letter, handwritten letter, from Kathy Bates about Skims and loving Skims, and that made my day," she said. "And we have to get her in a campaign. I want to do a campaign with her."

And Bates isn't the only A-lister who's a huge fan. Kim and the interviewer rattled off the names of people who have expressed their love of the line, including Ashley Graham, Gayle King, and none other than Martha Stewart.

"I was walking in New York, and I hear 'Kim, Kim!' And I turn around, and she's like 'I just need Skims! I love it,'" said Kardashian. "And I was like anything for you. It was just such a proud moment that Martha Stewart wanted Skims."

Her brand's celeb following wasn't the only nugget of truth she revealed during the interview about their upcoming final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The star revealed that now that the show is done filming, she has law school to keep her busy.

"I have two years left, and so I have two years under my belt. And it's, you know, I'm ramping it up now, so I have about six hours everyday."

She even revealed that this interview was taking up time that she should have been writing an essay. "I'm going to have to get up really early tomorrow and write like a two hour essay."

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