Kim Kardashian's Family Reportedly "Just Loves" Having Pete Davidson Around

And the couple's first connection dates back to 2018.

Meeting your significant other's relatives can be nerve-racking enough, but when you're dating Kim Kardashian — and have to impress the likes of Kris Jenner and the rest of the Kar-Jenner gang — it's gotta be just plain scary. Luckily, Pete Davidson was up for the challenge, and sources say Kim's tight-knit fam has already given him the stamp of approval.

A source recently told People that Kim's family "just loves" spending time with Pete. "They enjoy having him around," the source said "He is great for Kim. He is getting to know her kids and everyone seems to be getting along. Pete hasn't had any expectations. He gets that he is coming into a complex family situation. He doesn't want to complicate things."

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Table Dinner Instagram
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

While the couple's public whirlwind romance has been anything but easy, the source continued that Kim and Pete are "doing great" as of now. "Pete is very easygoing. Kim is relaxed and happy," the source shared. "Pete lets Kim be Kim and doesn't put any pressure on her. When she is busy with the kids, he does his own thing. He understands her priorities."

As if familial approval wasn't enough, Kim also recently revealed that Pete is the epitome of a supportive boyfriend. When asked by E! if the PJs from that famous group pic are the only set of SKIMS her beau owns, Kim said, "No, he has the boyfriend collection. The shirts and T-shirts and underwear."

Kardashian and the Saturday Night Live star have consistently made headlines since relationship rumors first started swirling in October 2021. Although the couple didn't start really spending time together until Kim hosted SNL last fall, eagle-eyed fans recently noticed their connection actually goes back much further.

In September 2018, Kim posted a photo of her silhouette from behind captioned, "Universe must have my back ✨." While the post seems normal enough, the caption she chose was actually a line from the song Ariana Grande wrote for Pete amid their 2018 relationship and five-month engagement titled "Pete Davidson." Of course, fans were sure to respond to the hilarious coincidence accordingly in the comments.

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