Crown Kim Kardashian West Queen of the '90s With This Throwback Prom Photo

She made a case for bringing frosted lipstick back. 

It may have been a few years since your own high school prom rolled around, but Kim Kardashian West is bringing it all the way back.

The KKW Beauty mogul took to Instagram to celebrate the launch of her new fragrance alongside with mom Kris Jenner, and instead of showing off a glam new look with her current self and Kris, she decided to go with a throwback.

Kim proved once more that she's never truly had an awkward stage with the retro photo from 1996, as she posed alongside her mom just before heading out to prom.

"Throwback to @krisjenner seeing @kimkardashian off to prom," the KKW Fragrance account captioned a photo of Kim with Kris beaming side-by-side together, the 17-year-old Kardashian totally killing her prom look. She boasted the entire '90s in one snapshot: an updo with side bangs, frosty lipstick, barely-there eyebrows, and dark eye makeup.

Kris, to the night of her daughter in the photo, looks exactly the way we know her now, clad in a black outfit (likely a pantsuit), her signature close-cropped haircut, and makeup not too far off from what she currently opts for.

The last time Kim shared a photo of her past self, she was rocking trends from the '90s as well. Not long ago, she shared a middle school portrait of herself with light brown, almost orange streaks throughout her dark brown hair. She wasn't smiling in the picture – probably because she had to give off "cool girl" vibes.

It looks like no matter how or when Kim has been photographed over the years, she's still managed to remain veritable beauty goals, even when trying on trends.

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