Samantha Jones Would Definitely Approve of Kim Cattrall's New TV Wardrobe

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Samantha Jones Would Definitely Approve of Kim Cattrall’s New TV Wardrobe

While it’s been years since Kim Cattrall wore those gorgeous dresses (and that Louis Vuitton visor) on Sex and the City, her foul-mouthed persona’s exquisite style has stayed with her. Now starring in and producing the new FOX drama, Filthy Rich, the much-loved actress is thrilled to be back on television.

“Pat Field, the costume designer on Sex and the City, has been a huge influence on me,” she told InStyle at The Television Critics Press Tour pre-COVID. “Even today, I am wearing Thierry Mugler, one of my favorites. I wore Thierry in Sex and now in Filthy!”

In this juicy gothic drama, Cattrall plays Margaret Monreaux, the uber-wealthy co-founder of a successful Christian television network, whose life completely changes after her husband dies in a plane crash.

Wearing her producer hat, Cattrall now has creative input on what the characters wear.

“In the pilot episode, before the plane crash, before all those things happened, you see one Margaret, and at the end you start to see a slightly different Margaret, as she is getting more about standing up on her own two feet and making her own decisions and taking over. I was very well trained by Pat, and it was really wonderful to have that kind of input.”

After Sex and the City, Cattrall waited a long time to go back to television. “It wasn’t until I saw the BBC black comedy Sensitive Skin that I really wanted to go back,” she noted after her press conference.

Samantha Jones Would Definitely Approve of Kim Cattrall’s New TV Wardrobe
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“I was having a lot of questions about mid-life crisis, about menopause, about, ‘What now? What is the next chapter of my life?’ And I think now with Margaret, I’m exploring mortality. She’s in her sixties like I am.”

She continued: “You know, you’re starting to lose your family members, you’re starting to lose friends. And it does bring to question what now and how much longer. So I like to work things out in my work. I have these questions which I think if I’m having them, then maybe other women are having them.” Cattrall lost her brother, Chris Cattrall, in 2018.

Starting on a brand new series again has been exciting for Cattrall, reminiscent of her early days on Sex and the City.

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“I forgot what it was like the first couple of years, when people had a judgment specifically about that particular show, and then it evolved, and it kept evolving. I had forgotten when we started this about those steps ... I look back on that experience and now this, having almost completed our first season. We’re all still learning, and enjoying not knowing, because there's so many more possibilities,” she said.

“So to me, every time period so far has been very fruitful.”

With themes like wealth, power and religion, Cattrall believes her fans will find the series especially bingeworthy.

“Doing a show like this, people are saying, ‘well, is it like this show, or is it like that show?’ And I say it’s kind of like a Dallas or a Dynasty but shot out of a cannon. It’s got this kind of crazy world behind it, which isn’t just about money, it’s about faith, it’s about secrets, it’s about keeping your promise, it’s about betrayal, it’s about searching.”

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