She was born in England and raised in Canada and America.


Congratulations are in order for Kim Cattrall, who just became an American citizen. She mentioned it during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, saying that she went through the process "so I could vote in this election." 

Cattrall is currently quarantining in Vancouver with her partner, Russell Thomas, but she made a very special trip to New York City back in August. She told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that she was on a mission for a very "specific reason" and that was to ensure that she would be able to cast a vote in the November 3 election this year. As she recounted the process, she told the hosts that it was an emotional experience, which surprised her.

Kim Cattrall
Credit: Amy Sussman / Staff

"There are 10 questions, and if you get the first six right, you pass," Cattrall said of the test. "But it wasn’t an easy test, you have to study."

Her dedication didn't go unnoticed. Cattrall explained that the staff saw how serious she was about passing.

"So, I passed and then I had to take the oath," Cattrall added. "I was so emotional. I was verklempt. I didn't expect that reaction. The officer who sent me through, she said, 'You know, some people don’t take this as seriously and I was really touched at how emotional it was for [you].'" 

Cattrall was born in Liverpool, England. When she was three months old, her family emigrated to Canada the family moved back and forth between the two countries before settling in New York when she was 16. She left the city in April to quarantine in Canada so she could be closer to her mother, who's currently in a senior living facility.

"We left in April and it was a pretty scary time in New York City at that point. We were very happy and lucky to get out," she said.