Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Astrology Answers a Lot of Questions About Their Relationship

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Astrology 
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From the “Bound 2” video to their Vogue cover and beyond, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West simultaneously make the most and least sense as a couple. Both West and Kardashian have a knack for drumming up publicity, aren’t afraid of a little scandal, and are always working to create a specific public image of themselves — and in that sense, they're wildly compatible. However, it’s pretty darn surprising that in each other, they found someone with whom they were willing share the spotlight.

For two charismatic air signs — she's a Libra, he's a Gemini — that’s no easy feat.

Then again, it could be all the astrological traits that Kimye share that make them uniquely fit for each other. As often as opposites attract, sometimes two of a kind just click. Here, we’ll learn why Kardashian and West’s zodiac signs are actually the source of their chemistry and, ahem, bond.


Her Sign

KKW, who was born on Oct. 21 at the tail end of Libra season, built her reputation on being a glamorous, unapologetically vain reality star, leveraging it into highly consumable content (see: KUWTK and, almost more importantly, gloriously curated Instagram account) as well as her fragrance and cosmetic brands. If there ever was a more Libran pivot to stardom, we haven’t heard of it.

But here’s the thing about Libras: They might seem superficial (thanks to ruling planet Venus) and they might seem a little ditzy (thanks to their ruling element, air), but they can be as clever — and socially nimble — as they come. Sure, Kardashian values her image, but only because she knows that she can wield it to charm and attract others. And aside from her obviously Libran grace, Kimmy also clearly possesses her sign’s diplomatic streak, too — as often as she might bicker with her sisters, she’s usually the one to come around and try to make peace.


His Sign

It’s usually unfair to reduce someone to their zodiac sign’s most basic stereotypes, but Yeezy might as well be a crash course in the most over-the-top, talked-about Gemini behaviors, from his constant desire to set and stay ahead of trends to his tendency to go off half-cocked on social media. Born on June 8, West has made a career on his charisma — and, considering the fact that his sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, he’s basically living the quintessential Gemini dream.

That said, probably the most Gemini thing about West is his public image. No matter who you ask, they’ll most likely have some kind of opinion of him. This isn’t a technical astrological term, but Geminis can be a lot to handle — they’re energetic, wise-cracking, chatty air signs, after all. Like their ruling element, they’re easily swayed by the currents of their thoughts and feel compelled to act on the whims that come over them like a strong breeze. And we wouldn’t call it a stretch to say that West is hardly exempt from that influence.

Their Relationship

So, how do these two, arguably extra, air signs make it work? According to the stars, it’s all thanks to a mutual understanding of said extra-ness. As astrologer Molly Hall writes, an air sign couple shares a mental connection that few others can replicate. In Kimye’s case, this bond can be seen in how they encourage each other to express themselves — and, perhaps even more clearly, the support they show for each other’s ideas, no matter how outrageous.

It also helps that Kardashian takes a more measured approach to her self-expression, while West can feel comfortable being his whole Gemini self without sidelining Kimmy. Her sign is just as fizzy and exuberant as his, but possesses a little more foresight. In other words, West will always keep them in the headlines, but Kardashian will know how to spin that news to work in their favor. And, all along the way, their spotlight grows ever brighter.

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